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About Us


SIDONIEYANG - The SIDONIEYANG brand was started in the Summer of 2011.

Not all creatures are fortunate enough to enjoy the freedom and the necessities of life. Humans are taking this Earth and turning it upside down. This must change... but how? 

Change comes slowly, and most change only happens through slow, concerted effort... and so it was that Sidonie decided to dedicate herself to building a brand that fulfilled a set of propositions. It should be: 

- something she enjoyed, so that she may never tire of it 

- something that other people enjoyed, whether they realized the problems in this world or not 

- something that could slowly open people's minds and contribute to change for the better 

- something that did not involve the exploitation of animals or the exploitation of the environment 

Thus, it was that we settled on the use of Washable Paper for everyday products and accessories. Sidonie enjoys the process of design and craftsmanship. People have a desire for such accessories and given Earth-friendly options, choose them. The simple act of carrying around animal-free products leaves a lasting impression on one's mind and on one's soul. Washable Paper, a biodegradable, but super-durable paper spares animals from being killed for their skin and the paper is manufactured according to the highest environmental standards. 

Our slogan is as follows, and we truly believe it:

"Creativity without harm to the Earth and all its creatures"